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dont matter were ur from

posted 13 Jun 2009, 05:43 by Keith Spink
I've just received this email from Mc Jedi & Deejay. Naturally I am happy to promote, and I wish them all the best of luck building a career in the music industry.

Mc Jedi and myself have made a music video, with the message, it doesnt matter where your from, you can still succeed in life. We are from Slade Green and the video contains various areas of Slade Green including Londis, Howbury centre, the Community Police centre and many other surrounding areas in Slade Green. We were wandering if you could perhaps put the video on the Slade Green website as you did with the "Way U Left Me" Video. It would be very much appreciated as you would supporting two youngsters from Slade Green who want to make something of their lives, thank you very much.